Cara Rozgonyi

Striking a chord with my audience

Cara is a musician in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Check out her bio, services provided, and demos to learn more about her.

The expression "striking a chord" means:

1. Creating an emotional response
2. Being received or understood
3. Being relevant or familiar


I chose this phrase because I aspire for my music to resonate ("strike a chord") with my listeners, relax the mind, and bring back fondest memories. 

Music triggers memories and creates healing.  

It is my hope that you will help me strike a chord with those you care about the most.

Why Live Music?

By hiring a live musician, you are giving yourself and your guests the gift of a private concert. The desired result may be a lively and energetic spirit, a tranquil and elegant ambience, or a consoling and healing presence. A live musician brings a special element to the event that no radio or CD can match.


"Where words fail, music speaks." Hans Christian Andersen